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Question tags exercises pdf

Question tags exercises pdf

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Question tags: worksheets, handouts, printable exercises pdf. Question tags for ESL. Question tags positive and negative forms exercises. Grammar videos: Question tags – exercises. 1. Check your grammar: gap fill. Complete the sentences with a word from the box. auxiliary positive negative be do. A tag question is a short question (e.g. have you? / haven't you?) that follows a statement: 2. Normally we use a positive question tag with a negative sentence.

Question tags - Test. A - Which sentences are correct? 1) Which sentence is correct? a) There's a fly in your soup, is there? b) There's a fly in your soup, isn't it ?. Page 2 of 7 Grammar Challenge – Question tags. Exercise 1: Match the beginnings of the sentences to the correct endings. Add the tag questions: 1. She is from a small town in China,? 2. They aren't on their way already,? 3. We're late again,? 4. I'm not the person with the tickets,?.

In the first question the intonation falls because the speaker is sure the 4 Underline the verbs used in the question tags? 1. 2 He doesn't do any exercise . Try an exercise about making question tags here - it's interactive and free or you can print the quiz in PDF. GRAMMAR QUESTION TAGS. TION TAGS. Question tags are short questions used at the end of a sentence. We form a question tag with an auxiliary verb (e.g. . Question tags exercise. January 30, - pdf. Question tags are the small questions that often come at the ends of sentences in speech. Add appropriate. Printable online question tags exercises with answers for ESL students and teachers.

Answer key is a good reference to learn how question tags are used Several examples and exercises online. 1 Complete the sentences below with the correct question tag. 1 He made a good impression, ______? 2 She's his half-sister, ______? 3 They don't really see. Question Tag Exercise. You don't eat meat, do you? A Fill each gap with the appropriate question tag. 1 You're Australian, ..? 2 You aren't. A question tag (or tag question) is a little question that we add to the end of a 1/ If the statement is positive, the verb in the tag is negative and EXERCISE [1].


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